Aerospace Quality and Safety Management System Support

Flight Operations, Aircraft Maintenance Operations and Manufacturing Companies

family walking in airport500 333Quality Control and Quality Assurance are cornerstones of a safe and reliable aviation industry. Mr. Doss was a contributing co-author and one of the founding auditors of the aircraft maintenance and supplier audit system used by most US airlines for the past 30+ years. That audit standard is known as the Coordinating Agency for Supplier Evaluation (C.A.S.E.) Mr. Doss has also been the lead auditor of more than 500 aviation audits and holds QMS Lead Auditor rating for ISO 9001:2015.

aircraft in hanger350 234Mr. Doss has provided FAA regulatory training and performed conformity audits at many domestic and international aerospace companies.

Mr. Doss has developed and written several aerospace quality policy and procedure manuals, facilitated the implementation of many Quality Management Systems and Safety Management Systems and has  aided companies with revising their quality systems to higher standards. AvCert provides internal and external quality auditing support to department managers to supplement manpower and improve department overhead.

Mr. Doss is a proponent of Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) and holds the belief that the aviation industry must always embrace quality improvement policies and procedures to advance air travel safety worldwide.

manager skills500 333AvCert can provide individual or fleet aircraft maintenance oversight during major modifications and extensive scheduled maintenance events at both domestic and international bases.

quality management500 333AvCert can aid in development of maintenance inspection programs for Turbo Prop and Fan Jet powered aircraft to meet FAA requirements.