About AvCert, LLC

aircraft on runway with yellow fuel truck500 333Rodney L. Doss, Founder of AvCert, LLC, is an expert advisor and consultant. Mr. Doss’ professional career spans more than 45 years in aviation; he holds multiple FAA pilot ratings and has accumulated several thousand hours of flight time; multiple FAA mechanic ratings and he has developed Operations Procedures and Maintenance Procedures Manuals for civilian Air Operators, branches of the US government and US military. Which includes the writing of a comparative codification of the Operations Procedures Manual and Maintenance Procedures Manual for Air Force One as a subcontractor for Boeing Aerospace, Inc. Mr. Doss has founded aviation companies that continue to serve their aerospace customer base today. He has served as CEO and President to aerospace companies which are ingrained in his beliefs of Quality, Knowledge and Integrity as their core foundational principals. Early in his career, Mr. Doss was taught a simple but powerful management concept that he still follows today: “People, Service, Profit”. He believes that when this management concept is fully understood and embraced, the result will be a positive and sustainable company.

inside of aircraft500 333Mr. Doss has been featured as an on-camera subject matter expert in the popular cable TV series “Air Disasters” in the US and in the popular cable TV series “Mayday” in Europe and Asia. He has an on-going relation with news outlets seeking professional comments relating to aircraft accidents. 

Mr. Doss is an expert in the field of Import/Export Certification of aircraft, aircraft parts and aircraft components. As a former FAA Designated Airworthiness Representative (DAR) with No Limitations for 14 years, Mr. Doss frequently Exported/Imported aircraft, aerospace parts/components worldwide.

pilot and copilot inside cabinAvCert provides multiple levels of support in the fields of aviation law through Expert Witness Services for FAA Regulation related Civil and Criminal cases, aircraft accident investigation and reconstruction and aviation related Mesothelioma cases.




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